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Handic - VIC Switch

The Handic - VIC Switch is a device that can connect 8 Commodore computers to (IEC) disk drives, printers, plotters etc. If one computer is connected to a disk drive or printer the other computers are denied access. The VIC Switch was manufactured by Handic in Sweden. The computers that can use the Handic - VIC switch are for example the VIC20, C116, C16, Plus/4, C64 and the C128.

Technical information about the Handic - VIC Switch:

It is possible to build your own Handic - VIC Switch replica with the information in the link below. I did spend hours and hours making and checking the PCB and schematic, but I can't guarantee that the drawings are perfect. If you build a Handic - VIC Switch replica with this information, it is on your own risk. But if you are successful in building a replica, let me know!

In the schematic and PCB files, there is also information about the Handic - Multi Switch. This version has an add-on board that is compatible with the Commodore C128 fast-mode. This information is based on the pictures from Ville Laustela, who owns a Handic - Multi Switch.

The technical files for the Handic - VIC Switch.

VIC20, C116, C16, Plus/4, C64 & C128.


62 x 253 x 114 mm


Handic AB
The Handic - VIC Switch.
The inside of the Handic - VIC Switch.
The PCB of the Handic - VIC Switch.
The schematic of the Handic - VIC Switch.
Update: 2022-12-16 14:10:59