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Commodore - 8010

The Commodore 8010 is a acoustic telephone modem. The modem can make a connection or receive a connection. The modem has a Full Duplex or a Half Duplex mode, and the transfer rate is 300 baud.

The following indication LEDs are available:
TST - Self-test
CRX - Carrier detect
RCV - Data receiving
XMT - Modem in stand-by



8010: 108 x 270 x 60 mm
Box: 120 x 400 x 66 mm


The Commodore 8010 acoustic telephone modem.
Detail photo of the Commodore 8010  modem.
The inside of the Commodore 8010  modem.
The original packaging of the Commodore 8010  modem.
Update: 2010-04-08 19:53:46