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Commodore Max Machine

The Max Machine is a computer system with a keyboard, external power-supply and a motherboard. On the motherboard you will find a MOS 6510 processor, RAM / ROM memory, MOS 6566 VIC-II video chip, MOS 6581 SID sound chip and a MOS 6526 CIA.
The Max Machine is a Japanese version of the Commodore C64.
It is a stripped down version of a regular C64. It was meant as a game console. It has a terrible keyboard, less memory, and has no serial- / userport. Not many were sold what makes it an collectors item nowadays. NTSC version.

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MOS 6510

Processor frequency:

1 MHz


8 kbyte RAM, 3 kbyte ROM


320 x 200 pix, 40 x 25 chr, 16 clr, 8 mob


3 Voices, Noise


Expansionport, Datassette, 2 x Joystick, TV, Audio.


MAX Machine: 350 x 185 x 60 mmBox: 445 x 140 x 330 mm


Commodore (Japan)
Commodore Max Machine, original packaging.
The Commodore Max Machine.
The inside of the Commodore Max Machine.
The inside of the Commodore Max Machine power supply.
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