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Commodore Amiga 2000 HD

The Amiga 2000 HD is a computer system with a separate keyboard, internal power-supply, disk drive and a motherboard. On the motherboard you will find a 16-bit Motorola 68000 processor and three co-processors: Denise (video), Agnus (memory, blitter and copper) and Paula (audio and I/O). De A2000 HD has the OCS or the Original Chip Set.
By using different processors for specific tasks the Amigas are very efficient and quick.
The Amiga 2000 HD is designed for business, graphical and video applications, but also for playing games. The Amiga 2000 HD was targeted on the business market. The Amiga 2000 HD is the big brother of the Amiga 500. The amiga 2000 HD has several expansion slots and is standard equipped with 1024 kbyte of memory. This Amiga 2000 HD is equipped with a A2091 expansion card with a 52 Mbyte SCSI hard disk and 2 Mbyte of extra memory.


Motorola 68000

Processor frequency:

7.14 MHz


1 Mbyte RAM, 256 kbyte ROM, 2 Mbyte on expansioncard


640 x 512 pix, 80 x 30 chr, 4096 clr, 8 mob


4 Voices


Parallel, Serial, 2 x Joy / Mouse, RGB(I) video, Stereo sound, Ext. diskdrive, Mono Video, Keyboard, 5 x Amiga slots, 2 x PC-XT slots, 2 x PC-AT slots, 1 x Video slot


400 x 445 x 160 mm


Commodore - Amiga
Commodore Amiga 2000 HD.
Rear view of the Amiga 2000 HD computer.
Inside of the Amiga 2000 HD computer.
The motherboard of the Amiga 2000 HD computer.
Update: 2017-03-05 21:27:38