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Handic - C64-FORTH

The Handic - C64-FORTH is a cartridge for the Commodore C64 computer that makes it possible to use the FORTH programming language on the Commodore C64 computer. C64-FORTH is a fourth-generation programming language and is compatible with the FORTH-79 standard code. C64-FORTH is also 100% compatible with PET-FORTH. C64-FORTH contains a resident text editor and a resident macro assembler.

The Handic - C64-FORTH cartridge has a 16 kB operating system.

Technical information about the Handic - C64-FORTH cartridge:

It is possible to build your own Handic - C64-FORTH cartridge replica with the information in the link below. I did spend hours and hours making and checking the PCB and schematic, but I can't guarantee that the drawings are perfect. If you build a Handic - C64-FORTH cartridge replica with this information, it is on your own risk. But if you are successful in building a replica, let me know!

The technical files for the Handic - C64-FORTH cartridge.




Programming language


Expansion port


Datatronic AB, Handic AB


Cartridge: 68 x 96 x 19 mm
Box: 150 x 215 x 23 mm


Handic AB
The Handic - C64-FORTH cartridge with the manual and packaging.
The start-screen of the Handic - C64-FORTH cartridge.
The PCB of the Handic - C64-FORTH cartridge.
The schematic of the Handic - C64-FORTH cartridge.
Update: 2022-10-30 17:25:50