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C64 - DTV software hacks


ASIC of the C64-DTV There are a few possibilities with the DTV that are not in the manual. These are called software hacks. Below a list of these possibilities.

On the picture an attempt to find extra connections on the ASIC of the C64 - DTV.

This DTV is dead, it was one of the first that was destroyed.

RIP 17-feb-2005.

The commands.

C64-DTV with the C64 Games System.

Quick-load the games menu.

Press FIRE (left) on the joystick as you power on or reset.

GO 64

Swing the joystick from left to right fast just before the blue screen comes up and keep doing this until the screen has loaded some programs with LOAD"$".......


First do the GO 64.

Move the joystick to the program you want to load and press FIRE (left) on the joystick.

The program will LOAD and RUN.


First do the GO 64


Virtual keyboard

First do the GO 64 and GO BASIC

Press and hold FIRE (left) on the joystick and a virtual keyboard comes onto the screen. Move the cursor around the keyboard. When you let go FIRE (left) the key where the cursor was on will appear on the screen.

The special keys are toggle key's so selected once the key goes "on" selected twice the key "off" the special keys are SHIFT, C= and CTRL.

LIST the programs in the DTV:



LOAD the programs in the DTV:

LOAD"Programname",1 [ENTER]


The developers of the DTV

First do the GO 64 and GO BASIC


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