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Quick Data Drive

The Quick Data Drive is a mix between a datassette and a disk drive. The Quick Data Drive is connected to the datassette port of a Commodore VIC20 or C64. The data is stored on microwafers with sizes from 16 kbytes to 128 kbytes.
The QDD has a directory system and can load and save with 2 kbytes/sec. It is also possible to daisy-chain more QDD's. The QDD uses it's own operating system for reading and writing of data.


VIC 20, C64


Microwafer 16 kB - 128 kB


QDD: 118 x 50 x 148 mmBox: 192 x 148 x 80 mm


Phonemark / Entrepo (DOS)
Quick Data Drive
The inside of the Quick Data Drive.
Update: 2022-02-20 18:12:04