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Commodore VC 20

The VC 20 is a computer system with a keyboard, external power-supply and a motherboard. On the motherboard you will find a MOS 6502 processor, RAM / ROM memory, MOS 6560 VIC video / sound chip and twice a MOS 6522 VIA.
The VC 20 the German version of the VIC 20. VC is short for VolksComputer, this is German for: Computer for everybody. Except for the modelname the computer is the same as a normal VIC 20.
The VIC-20 was the first Commodore computer aimed at the big public in stead of the business world. Thanks to the VIC chip (Video Interface Chip) and the sound possibilities games became very popular on this computer. This was also the first Commodore computer with a joystick connector. PAL version.

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MOS 6502

Processor frequency:

1 MHz


5 kbyte RAM, 20 kbyte ROM


176 x 184 pix, 22 x 23 chr, 8 clr


3 Voices, Noise


Expansionport, Userport, Serialport, Datassette, Joystick, TV, Video, Sound


VIC 20: 205 x 405 x 70 mmBox: 260 x 570 x 120 mm


Commodore VC 20
Update: 2019-05-08 19:20:27