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Commodore Amiga CD-32

The Amiga CD-32 is a computer system with a external power-supply, CD drive and a motherboard. On the motherboard you will find a 32-bit Motorola 68EC020 processor and four co-processors: Lisa (video), Alice (memory, blitter and copper), Akiko (Planar) and Paula (audio and I/O). De CD-32 has the AGA or the Advanced Graphics Architecture Chip Set.
By using different processors for specific tasks the Amigas are very efficient and quick.
The Amiga CD-32 is designed for playing games. It is possible to expand a CD-32 to a Amiga 1200.


Motorola MC68E020FG16

Processor frequency:

16 MHz


2048kbyte RAM, 1024 kbyte ROM


Chr: 80 x 32, Pix: 1280 x 512, Col: millions, Mob: 8


4 Voices


2 x Controller, Aux, 2 x Audio, Composite, RF/TV, Earphone


310 x 210 x 70 mm


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Commodore Amiga CD-32
Update: 2008-12-17 22:52:59