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Commodore C16 - Drean

The Drean C16 is a computer system with a keyboard, external power-supply and a motherboard. On the motherboard you will find a MOS 7501 (8501) processor, RAM / ROM memory and a MOS 8365 TED video, I/O and audio.
This C16 was made by the Argentina company Drean. The C16 is a part of the 264 series. Commodore wanted to fill a gap next to the popular C64 with a cheaper computer as a successor of the VIC 20.
Because it lacked sprites and a SID it was not popular with game developers. The C16 was promoted as a starter computer and as a computer for in school. PAL-N version.

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MOS 7501

Processor frequency:

1.75 MHz


16 kbyte RAM, 20 kbyte ROM


320 x 200 pix, 40 x 25 chr, 121 clr


2 voices,1 noise


Expansionport, Serialport, Datassette, 2 x Joystick, TV, Video, Sound.


C16: 205 x 405 x 70 mm
Box: 450 x 335 x 120 mm


Drean / Commodore
Commodore C16 - Drean (Argentina), with original packaging.
The different logo of the Drean C16.
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