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My museum


The Commodore Info Museum (CIP). In the past years I have collected many Commodore computers and related items. In the beginning I had all items in a storage space because I could not put it in my home.
To keep track of the items I started the web page. This page made it possible for me what I already had or not.

But when I got a bigger house I started to make my museum. This is a report about building the museum.

The start.

Building the CIP museum (1). The start of the build. The museum is in the attic of my house. In the middle space for 8 computers. On the sides space for 2 x 6 computers.

Test-fitting with some 1084's. Under the tables are storage compartments for spare's ect.


Middle table.

Building the CIP museum (2). Putting in the middle table with storage compartment and above that an extra table top. This brings the total of computer places to about 24.

Currently I'm putting in 11 double electrical outlets to power all my Commodore computers.


Sanding and painting.

Building the CIP museum (3). Starting with repairing the walls and painting the wooden parts.

Going very slowly but getting there.



Building the CIP museum (4). Done with the painting.

Covered the tables with vinyl.

My favorite games? Pitt-stop, Trailblazers......


My hobby room.

Commodore Info Museum hobbyroom. On the 1st floor I have my hobby-room.

On the left a Win2k PC.

In the middle my work PC - Linux Madriva 2007 or Ubuntu 8.

On the right a PC with win 98 / MSDOS connected to a 1570 and datassette for data transfer. (Trans64 / SC / MTAP)


Starting to fill the museum.

Commodore Info Museum (1). C64 Corner....


Left side.

Commodore Info Museum (2). Computers:
VIC20, C64a, C64c, C64g, C64GS and C64-SX

VC1540, VC1541, 154, 1541-II, 1541c


Left middle.

Commodore Info Museum (3). Computers:
8096-SK D, CDTV, 4032, C128, C128D A1000, A500

1571, 1570, A1010


Right middle.

Commodore Info Museum (4). Computers:
A2500, A600, A1200, A3000

1011, 1020


Right side.

Commodore Info Museum (5). Computers:
CD32, DTV, Plus4, C16, C116

Hacked 1571

Update: 2011-06-24 20:17:34